About a year ago, I was casually assigned a task to write one guest post per month in the name of the Process Street blog. The author earns several additional free backlinks from sites that republish the full article. Mix them up in your content calendar with your own posts. Some blogs that publish frequently might send a weekly email with a list of blog posts published, some might only notify you of selected articles and some might not email you about new articles at all. And, now with Google’s taken on guest blogging networks, people are really intimidated and that’s exactly why this very post is so relevant in the current context.

There are literally hundreds of websites that offer guest blog post services – so we’ve sifted through them to present the best ones – so you get the biggest bang for your buck. While there are many benefits to guest blogging, including growing your audience and building a reputation, you also want to focus on blogs that will offer you an SEO benefit. Because sites filled entirely with guest posts attempt to manipulate Google’s Terms of Service in much the same way as these sites did, there is a concern that they’ll eventually be slapped in the same way – potentially leading to penalties or diminished search performance for the sites that have published content on these pages.

The guest writers understand what we need, they understand what our audience expects, and they can tailor their work to suit those needs and expectations. Nowadays we have been finding guest post links to take anywhere from 1-4 weeks before we see any movement in the SERPs. You might be surprised by the results you can get; guest articles work for blogs at almost every level in most industries. When the blog doesn’t have a specific process for pitching guest posts, use the contact form to ask whether the editor accepts guest posts.

They’re positioning themselves as the premium guest post and blogger outreach service – boasting using 100% white-hat tactics to create and promote your content. I run a blog for freelance writers, and who in my position wouldn’t want to publish an article on how to go from $15 to $450 per article in under 90 days. Articles must be vetted – You need to make sure you’re only publishing high quality articles. coolest characters in Naruto (URL: https://brandufo.com/top-10-coolest-characters-in-naruto-what-are-their-special-powers/) don’t work with mediocre writers or produce cookie-cutter content – our guest posts are entertaining, and come with a unique, active voice that draws an audience and offers them quality information, being both witty and educational.

Authority media sites such as New York Times, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and so on have used guest contributions to grow their monthly readership into millions. When I guest posted on two other blogs, they spent money on Facebook ads to promote my articles and drive more traffic to them. The email draft totally helped me have a clear idea about how to ignite or start a conversation with the bloggers. One size doesn’t fit all in guest posting. Then, as you get more posts under your belt, you can level up to more popular sites.

Then, when you go to approach them regarding guest posting opportunities, you won’t just be some stranger looking to earn a leg up from sharing articles on their sites. Having a landing page for your guest posts also makes a huge difference. Since I didn’t have any connections who could make an introduction, I opted for writing a brief and informative email with the completed post attached in a Microsoft Word document, as well as an html version in a plain text file. 95% of those requests offer low-quality posts to get their links to the site’s content.

However, guest posting can be a good solution to this problem as well. Remember, this is not a guest blogging template. Guest blogging has been very popular in recent years, as it offers bloggers endless benefits, such as the opportunity to build a positive reputation, get their brand in front of a new audience, earn hundreds or thousands of new loyal readers, and augment their SEO metrics. Just guest blogging. Thanks for killing guest blogging so that we can finally start fresh. I’ve received emails from bloggers saying how much they love my site, but they didn’t even know my name.