There are conditions necessary to remember for the acceptance of prayer and its perfection and merit, in addition to the required conditions: One is that man seek repentance from his sins and ask Allah’s forgiveness before prayer. One more, is to avoid all of the types of disobedience and sins which avoid the acceptance of prayer, like jealousy, arrogance, backbiting, not paying Khums or Zakah, instead, every type of disobedience and sin.

Prayer, sitting and resting and numerous miscellaneous usages are permitted in big agricultural and non-agricultural lands that have no fences and wall surfaces and there is no farming in them actually. It coinciding whether the land is near a city or town or remote from it, the same whether its owner is premature or an adult. Nonetheless, when the property’s owner has specifically refuted permission or we know the lack of his authorization ahead of time, it is forbidden to use the land and prayer on this land is unacceptable.

Presence of the heart is the spirit of prayer and it is necessary that the worshipper avoid all matters from his events that break the attention (in prayer) and occupy the senses. (One should) understand the significance of words of prayer which attention is paid (to these words) in the state of prayer. (One should) to stand in prayer with humility and worry of Allah and understand to Whom one is speaking to and to take into consideration oneself as a really insignificant servant before the Lord with the view of the Almighty and Glorious.

One should perform prayer in the beginning of its time and give importance to (promptness) and to avoid hastiness and rushing in prayer and to avoid whatever produces the ruin and corruption of prayer. It has been narrated in a practice that the Holy Prophet, the Blessings of Allah be upon him and his family, saw a man someday in his Mosque praying without completing his Bowing and his prostration. Then, the Prophet, the Blessings of Allah be upon him and his family, claimed: He had actually died with this prayer, he would certainly never ever have died with my religion.

Equally as it is necessary to leave the actions which lessen the importance of prayer and damage the presence of the heart, the prayer is not to be performed in the state of idleness, maintaining urine, nor in a tumultuous atmosphere. The worshipper should not stand before landscapes which might ruin his (spiritual) sight. (It is important) to establish the actions which raise the benefit of prayer. As a result, wear clean clothing, comb the hair, clean the teeth, perfume oneself and wear a ring of ‘Aqeeq.

namazi muslim of emphasis has been pointed out in the verses of the Holy Qur’an, the Islamic traditions, the recommends of the Holy Prophet, the Blessings of Allah be upon him and his family and the A’immah of assistance, peace be upon them. It is like among one of the most important commitments and duty of a Muslim and because of this, it is considered that abandoning prayer is just one of the greatest of significant sins.

Prayer is the link of man with Allah and brings about purity of the heart, sanitation of the heart, achieves the spirit of piety, trains man and makes him cautious of sin and disobedience. From the narratives it is determined that prayer is the most important of worship. If prayers serve to Allah, He will accept the other sorts of worship besides prayer. When the prayer is rejected, worship apart from prayer will also be rejected. The narrative define that he who hopes the five (everyday) prayers is cleansed from sin as though one bathes in a river everyday and night five times. Uncleanness is eliminated and no impurity continues to be.

It has been narrated concerning the circumstances of the Infallibles (Ma’soomeen), peace be upon them, that they were so absorbed in the remembrance of Allah in the state of prayer up until they came to be careless of themselves whereas Ameerul-Mu’mineen (Imam Ali), peace be upon him, was struck in the leg with an arrowhead, then, they drew it from his leg in the state of prayer and he did not feel it, peace be upon him. That results from his complete immersion in remembrance and prayer.